Adopt A Baby - Is It Still Possible To Do So?

When you adopt a baby, you could be offering a young new life an opportunity for a far better life experience during childhood and beyond. Many couples who are not able to conceive, mainly due to medical reasons, have been hoping to be able to do just that. After all, every year, there are thousands of children born into extreme poverty. In some situations, the natural mother does not have a realistic chance to be able to provide for the child. However, it should be noted that there is a far greater number of parents wanting to adopt a child than there are children available for adoption.

Domestically, there are far too few children being put up for adoption. As such, it does not allow the domestic adoption system to run smoothly and it is even more biased against prospective parents. However, this does not necessarily mean that your adoption dreams cannot come true. Just that the competition to adopt a baby would be very keen. It would be wise to understand the adoption agency's requirements in advance and only approach them when you have everything required in place.

An alternative would be to consider an international adoption where you may have a better chance. But even then, the number of children available here are also quite limited. Back in 1990 when the Berlin Wall came down, many children were in serious trouble because they were orphaned or their parents were not able to support them. An opportunity quickly arose where western parents can adopt them.

Russians have been sending some of their children to the United States for adoption until not too long ago. This has since been suspended temporarily due to an incident where a single mother send her adopted child back to Russia on an airplane unaccompanied with a note saying that she did not want the child any more. There were several arguments as to why this had happened. But the single mother claimed that the child was disturbed mentally and threatened to burn the family house down. However, the Russians denied this vehemently and, as a result, have suspended all adoptions.

Prior to 2007, it is relatively easy to adopt a baby from China, a populous country with very limited resources for taking care of poor and disadvantaged children. However, in May 2007, it became harder to adopt a child from China as the laws were tightened. However, potential parents who meet the conditions may consider this to be advantages for them as they now have fewer competitors. But, at the request of the Chinese themselves, fewer babies were being brought over from China. Although it is now more difficult, it is still possible to adopt a baby from either Eastern Europe or China.


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